My interdisciplinary educational background in materials science, bioengineering, mechanical engineering; and research expertise in 3D printing, hydrogel design and fabrication, surface/interface characterization allows me to teach a variety of courses as follows.

Mechanical Behavior of Materials: I learned this course when I studied Materials Science in college and assisted my Ph.D. advisor to teach this course. I am quite knowledgeable about mechanical properties and mechanisms of materials.

Materials Characterization: I have been the teaching assistant of this course for two semesters and I also assisted my Ph.D. advisor to publish the second edition of book Materials Characterization (John Wiley & Sons; 2013). Moreover, I have been experienced in utilizing a verity of techniques to characterize surface modification in my research.

Biomanufacturing and 3D Bioprinting: My research expertise in 3D bioprinting of 3D tissue models enables me to provide the students’ insights into state-of-art additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing in biomedical applications.

Biomaterial-Tissue Interactions: My 8-year research experiences in biomaterial-cell/tissue interactions enable me to teach the students biological responses to implanted materials as well as the design principles of medical devices, artificial organs, and scaffolds.

Microelectromechanical System (MEMS): My 5-year research experiences in micro-/nano-fabrication of biomedical devices enables me to teach the students with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experiences of MEMS.