Topographical and Chemical Design for Vascular Biomaterials
Aim 1. Develop new strategies of surface functionalization for improving blood and vascular compatibility of biomaterials (PhD)

Photo-Click Hydrogel for Stem Cell Differentiation
Aim 2. Design and integrate matrix stiffness and tethered biomolecules for directing mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into vascular smooth muscle (postdoc)

Photo-Click Platform for Vascular Tissue Regeneration
Aim 3. Develop a new photo-click hydrogel platform with engineered biomimetic microenvironments for vascular tissue regeneration (postdoc)

3D-Printing of Heterogeneous Stiffness
Aim 4. Develop a new 3D-printing paradigm to address the challenge of printing 3D mechanically heterogeneous structures (postdoc)