Research Experience

Northwestern UniversityEvanston, IL
Research Assistant Professor2019-Present

University of Colorado - BoulderBoulder, CO
Postdoctoral Fellow with Profs. Wei Tan & Xiaoyun Ding2015-2019
  • Developing a surface acoustic wave (SAW) based microfluidic device for stimulation of exosome production and active drug loading into exosomes
  • Initiated a new 3D-printing paradigm enabling orthogonal control of matrix stiffness and geometry in 3D structures; and successfully fabricated the world’s first 3D-printed blood vessel with hierarchical braches and heterogeneous stiffness by working with Prof. Xiaobo Yin’s group in micro/nano manufacturing
  • Developed a “photo-click” hydrogel platform with independent control over matrix structure, elasticity, and composition for functional tissue regeneration by working with Prof. Stephanie Bryant’s group in click chemistry
  • Established combinatorial ECM microarray platform for high-throughput screening of cell-matrix interactions, and it allows simultaneous screening of ~1875 compositions on one glass slide by working with Prof. Dr. Kurt Stenmark’s group in vascular physiopathology
  • Developed a strategy for directing mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into vascular smooth muscle cells by engineering extracellular environments through click chemistry
  • Mentored 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate students in independent research projects

  • The Hong Kong University of Science & TechnologyHong Kong
    Graduate Research Assistant & Visiting Scholar with Profs. Yang Leng & Pingbo Huang2009-2015
  • Developed a novel micropatterned platform for high-throughput screening of topographical effects on vascular cell selectivity and blood compatibility
  • Developed a novel approach to covalently immobilize multiple biomolecules with amine or carboxyl groups to a variety of materials via mussel-inspired polydopamine coating
  • Elucidated the interplay between immobilized biomolecules and substrate topography in modulating cell behavior, and their combined effects on vascular cell selectivity
  • Performed molecular structure characterization and analysis of polymer coating using mass spectroscopy
  • Mentored 3 graduate students in their dissertation projects