Research Highlights

  • As a faculty, I aim to develop 3D printed mechano-accurate Disease-on-a-Chip systems (atherosclerosis and breast cancer) for disease modeling and drug screening;
  • Initiated a new 3D printing paradigm to overcome the challenge of printing heterogeneous stiffness in 3D structures;
  • Demonstrated the world’s first 3D-printed, mechanically heterogeneous blood vessel with hierarchical branches;
  • Excelled in design and manufacture of photo-click hydrogels to engineer extracellular environments for functional tissue regeneration and mesenchymal stem cell differentiation;
  • Developed combinatorial ECM microarray platform for high-throughput screening of cell-matrix interactions;
  • Mastered in wafer-level micro/nano fabrication and chemical functionalization of multifunctional biomaterials;
  • Acquired excellent knowledge and skills in surface/interface characterization of a wide range of biomaterials.